The User Education aims to assist our Library users to get the most preferred information from information resources provided by the INTI International University and to support their information needs.


1. Library skills

To teach the users to be more knowledgeable and familiar with the information tools. Identify various information resources and library resources.

  • Identify library physical and virtual location.

  • Locate books and serials, print & electronic available at the library by using the WebOPAC.

  • Access library resources within campus and off campus location.

  • Identify facilities and services at the library.

2. Information skills

To guide the users on:

  • What is online database.

  • Search Techniques.

  • Finding articles and Using online resources.

  • Tools available within the online resources.

3. Special Topics - Online Databases

  • Ebsco Digital Services (EDS).

  • Science Direct.

  • Proquest eBook.

  • Venue will be either in the library Viewing Room, computer lab or in class, depending on the number of participant. You may also be interested to browse the Online Tutorial that we have compiled from our subscribed online databases. You may book a session for individual or group by registering via the e-form below.

    If you would like to request a session, contact below Librarian for more information
    Email - Masilah Mansor -