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Open Shelf Books, AV Materials & Locker Key

Fines for overdue loans are calculated from the day the book or locker key is due to the day the item is returned.
The rate is RM1.00 per item/day.


Red Spot Books

Fines for overdue Red Spot books are calculated from the time the loan is overdue till the time the book is returned.
The rate is 5O cents for every half-an-hour.

Sundays and Public Holidays are not included in this calculation.







Borrowers must pay for the cost of replacing the books.
He or she are liable to pay overdue fines, calculated from the date due to the date when the materials are reported lost.


Multimedia Collection**

Borrowers will be fined RM5.00 for each item plus the cost of replacing the materials.



A fine of RM30.00 will be charged for loss of key and RM100 will be charged for damaged locker.


Note**: The cost of replacing lost items will be based on the current market price.




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