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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many items can I check out?

Undergraduate students can borrow up to 4 items and graduate students can borrow up to 6 items at one time. More about Borrowing Privileges HERE.

Q2. What is the fine for overdue materials?

Daily fines for all open shelf books are RM1.00 per item with a maximum fine of RM100.00 per item. Hourly fines for redspot materials are RM1.00 per item with a maximum fine of RM100.00 per item.
For other materials, you may refer to the Overdue Fines.

Q3. How do I request for a discussion room?

Discussion Room may not be booked in advance. User can ask to use a discussion room by requesting from the personnel on duty at the Circulation Counter. There are eight discussion rooms available for group discussion. Number of users must not be less than 4 and not more than 8 person. Duration of use is one hour. Students must record their particulars and leave their ID card at the circulation counter.

Q4. Can I return my books when the library is closed?

Yes. Books and other library items can be returned to a book chute outside the library building, near the library entrance.

Q5. How can I renew my books?

Renewals can be made in person at the library Circulation counter or online via My account at the TSAM library home page.

Q6. I can't find a book on the shelf. Is it missing?

There are numerous reasons why a book may have "Available" status in the catalogue, but not actually be on the shelf. Locate at the library trolleys on both library floor, and check to see if the item is there. If not, you can fill up a “Material Request” e-form. The results will be available within 48 hours.

Q7. Where can I get more help?

You can find in-person, phone, email, or contact information at the Ask a librarian.

Q8.Can I see the books that I have borrowed from the library?

Yes. At the library homepage, click My account, and choose Book Renewal to see what you have borrowed from the library.

Q9. What happens if I do not pay my fines and/or return books that are overdue?

Students who do not settle their library fines or return books that are overdue will find their account suspended.

Q10. Where can I find past year Examination Papers?

Past year Examination Papers can be accessed at IU-DIGITAL HUB. Updating of exam papers is under the Exam Centre's supervision.






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