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Loaning period varies for printed and non-printed materials. All open shelf collection can be borrowed out by registered members according to the TSAM Library circulation policy. Circulation Counter provides loan, return and reservation services.

Book Chute


Book chute service available during library closure only. Book returned via this method will only be discharged on the next working day.

Discussion Rooms


There are seven discussion rooms available for discussion. Number of users must not less than 3 but not more than 8 persons. Duration of used is one hour. Students must write down their particulars in the discussion room logbook and leave their ID card at the circulation counter.

Collaboration Room


There is 1 Collaboration Rooms located at level 1. Capacity is 6 – 16 students. Duration of used is 2 hours. Students log in the E-form at Circulation counter and must leave their ID card at the circulation counter.

Viewing Room 1


Available for booking. Reservation has to be made 3 days in advance at the Circulation counter.

Interactive Room

Interactive room is available at level 1. Reservation can be made at the Circulation counter.



Netzone Area computers also available at level 2 with free internet access.


Open Reading Area (Level 1)

This reading area is located at level 1.


Open Reading Area (Level 2)

Level 2 reading area.


Lockers located near the entrance of the library are available for all Library users FREE OF CHARGE. Key for the key operated lockers can be obtained from the Circulation Counter.

Game Zone


The game zone and newspaper reading area is located at level 1.


Research Room

Research room is located at level 2. It is open to all library users.

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